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AGENIX Digital partners with one of Silicon Valley’s oldest and most active angel organizations

Derek Rodrigo
Digital Marketing Manager
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In a strategic move aimed at strengthening its position in the U.S. tech scene, AGENIX Digital has officially partnered with Bay Angels, the oldest and most active angel investor organization based in Silicon Valley.

This milestone partnership serves as a doorway for AGENIX Digital to introduce its solutions to Silicon Valley's dynamic tech ecosystem, marking a significant step forward in the SEOTech agency's mission to help the world’s most exciting tech companies leverage SEO for growth and brand building.

AGENIX Digital will be part of a series of events on and off Silicon Valley throughout 2024 that will provide a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to engage, collaborate, and drive innovation forward. This is an exciting feat for the PH-based agency as it’s a big step forward in their long-term goals. 

Clarry Herrera, Founder and CEO of AGENIX Digital, expressed his enthusiasm,

“I'm excited to bring value to the Bay Angels community.”

Bay Angels, like other angel investor organizations, consists mainly of former entrepreneurs, executives, and active ecosystem members. They host monthly pitch events, both in person and virtually, where entrepreneurs present their business opportunities. Through capital investment, mentorship, and experienced guidance, Bay Angels support entrepreneurs and investors on their journey to scale businesses and enhance their chances of success.

The journey of rebuilding and repositioning SEO as a must-have in their marketing arsenal will be a challenging battle, but AGENIX Digital is well on its way to changing the game. If you are a venture capital firm, angel investor group, or an avid SEO enthusiast, reach out to AGENIX Digital’s Growth and Partnerships team and find out if there’s room to collaborate and grow businesses together. 

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